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Pladot Ein Harod is the only Israeli producer of sanitary pumps for over 40 years. Pladot's pumps are manufactured from high quality and heavy-duty materials, AISI 316 type stainless steel, for the food and chemical industries. Usage includes a wide range of products - milk, juice, wine, syrup, acid, brine and others. The pumps may be cleaned in place (CIP) without dismantling.

Pladot has a wide pump capacity range - up to 40,000 liter/hour, wide pressure range - up to 4 bars. All the connections are according to sanitary standards type RJT (APV) male BS 1864 in 1"-3". Other standards are available by special order.

Pladot uses high standards electric motors for it's pumps - I.E.C., size B3/B14, H80- H112 for 380-400V / 50Hz / 3Ph, 2900 rpm. We use stainless steel motor shroud and base with adjustable legs for motor protection.

Pladot maintains a wide range of spare parts for quick and convenient service.